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Preeminent Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is one of Pakistan's emerging trading houses with tremendous growth prospects in import/export business of scientific/testing equipment and machinery. The company has adopted latest technological development with a team of professionals to look after all business activities. The experts hold an in-depth industrial experience and are well aware of the related procedures of procurement, which helps in delivering effective services over a variety of products to its valuable customers.

Preeminent Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. comprises of a competent pool of experts which includes individuals from the field of engineering, accounting, logistics management and customer care. The real strength of company is its team of engineers who are directly responsible for company business on interpersonal level. Our sales team keeps itself updated with the advancement in technology in an interactive learning environment and is well aware of the rapidly changing technological needs of didactic, agricultural, industrial and construction arena.

Preeminent Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. has been striving hard to achieve the top-notch position in the industry and now the company has won the confidence of its customers regarding the good quality, quantity and in time supply of goods and started receiving more enquiries from a pool of customers.  The company is paying utmost attention towards quality and is making sincere efforts towards maintaining international standards throughout its operation.

Our Goal

To achieve global recognition as leading machinery and essential equipment provider through focus on our clients, suppliers, employee empowerment and continuous improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide precision engineering range to our valued clients. We also strive to attain a higher level of client satisfaction. We follow international standards of quality. We believe in continuous progress and aspire to be the leader in our sphere of business operation.

Team of Experts

      The company comprises of a team of Engineers and experienced technicians who not only provide after-sales services but also assist the customer in selection of better equipment to fulfill their requirement. Our team has vast experience in offering excellent sales and after-sales services of equipment to ensure the highest point of client satisfaction.

Product Portfolio

Preeminent Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is a reliable name amongst the best engineering machinery providers. The company deals in the following areas;

§  Parameter Security Systems

§  Blast Mitigation Systems

§  Health Sciences Equipment

§  Health Physics Equipment

§  Industrial, Construction & Mining Equipment

§  Geophysical Equipment

§  Geoscience Equipment

§  Environmental Equipment

§  Laboratory and Field Testing Equipment

§  Educational & Scientific Equipment

§  HHO Industrial Oxygenerators

§  Alternative Energy Solutions

§  Agriculture and Farming Equipment

§  Space Saving Solutions

§  Technical Advisory Services

The detail of some of the equipment/machinery, we deal in, is given overleaf:

Parameter Security Systems

a)     Fence Wall-Mounted And Buried Sensors (Intruder Alarms, Crash Resistant Barriers, High Security Fencing)

b)     Seismic Pipeline Protection Systems

c)      Microwave Intrusion Detection System

Blast Mitigation Systems

a)     Blast Protective Garments (Blast Resistance Suits, Blast Resistance Undergarments, Cooling Vest, Blast Wrap Jackets)

b)     Blast-Mitigating Grenade & Trash Receptacles

c)      Blast Ceasing Insulations (Panels, Polyurethane Wall Coating, Spray Foam, Pour Foam, Seismic Structural Reinforcement & Retrofitting Insulation)

d)     Fragmentation Protection Shield



Health Sciences Equipment

a)     Nutrients Analyzer (Bench top, Floor Standing, Handheld, Portable)

b)     Cryogenic Systems (Cryopumps, Cryogenic Cold Heads, Cryogenic Temperature Controllers/Monitors, Cryogenic Water Pumps, Cryostats For Spectroscopy, Cryostats For X-Ray Diffraction, Dilution Refrigerators, Helium Refrigerators, Helium Compressors)

c)      Cardiovascular Equipment (Cardiac Ablation Mapping System, Defibrillators, Pacemakers, ECG, Cardiac Rehabilitation Systems)

d)     Remote Patient Monitoring System

e)     Microscopes (Compound Microscope, Dissection Or Stereoscope, Confocal Microscope, Atomic Force, Transmission Electron Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope)

f)       Sterilizers (Autoclave, Dry Heat, Heated Chemical Vapor Sterilizers, Gas Sterilizers, Radiation Sterilizers)

g)     Disinfectors (Flusher, Washer, Cart Washer, Steam)

h)     Ablation Systems, Quantitative Fluid Analyzer, Freeze Dryers & Refrigerators

i)       Water Treatment And Purification Systems, Bio-Waste Treatment Systems, Cleaning In Place (CIP) Systems

j)       Laminar Flow Systems, Differential Flow Systems, Flake Ice Machines

Health Physics Equipment

a)     Radiation Safety (Multipurpose Digital Scalar/Rate Meters, Portable Isotope Identification System, Neutron Meter, Radiation Monitoring Software)

b)     Radiation Monitors (Portable Radiation Monitor, Floor Contamination Monitor, Floor Survey Monitor, Gamma Personnel Monitors, Hand & Shoe Contamination Monitor, Whole Body Counter)

c)      Dosimeters (Electronic Personal Dosimeters, Portable Dosimeters)

d)     Spectrometers (Hand-Held, Stationary, Electron Spectrometer)

e)     Pressurized Ionization Chamber Survey Meter

f)       Mobile Radiation Monitoring Laboratory

g)     CT & MRI Scanning Systems

Industrial, Construction & Mining Machinery

Industrial Products

a)     Industrial Sprayers

b)     Cement Plant Machinery

c)      Rubber Chain And Flight Conveyors

d)     Compressors, Ribbon Blenders, Shaking Tables

e)     PLC, DCS And SCADA Control Process Systems

Construction Products

a)     Concrete Lining Equipment ( Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps, Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps, Form Work / Shuttering For The Interior Lining Of The Tunnel)

b)     Shotcreting Machinery (Dry Mix Spraying Machine, Dry And Wet Mix Spraying Machine, Shotcrete Pump For Wet Mix, Liquid Dosage Equipment, Powder Dosing Equipment For Powder Accelerator)

c)      Grouting Machinery (Colloidal Mixers, Paddle Mixers, Agitation Tanks, Grout Placers, Packers And Valves)

d)     Seismic And Borehole Radar

Mining & Drilling Products

a)     Loading & Hauling Machines (Electric / Diesel Locomotives, Loaders, Dumpers, Load Haul Dump (LHD’s) Units, Hydraulic Lifting Platforms, Road Headers, Continuous Miners, Mechanical Wheel Excavators And Tunnel Boring Machines)

b)     Quarrying (Crawler Wagon & Hand Held Drills, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Breakers, Primary & Secondary Crushers & Mills, Rubber Chain And Flight Conveyors, Surface Miners and Bucket Wheel Excavators, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Drilling Rigs, Compressors)

c)      Conventional & Mechanical Drill Blasts (Drill Jumbos, Roof Bolters, Pneumatic Air Leg Drills, Sinkers, Stoppers & Paving Breakers)

d)     Drilling Equipment (Drilling Rigs For Conventional, Straight, Reverse Circulation, DTH And Specialized Drilling)

e)     Core Drilling Equipment (Multipurpose Rigs, Surface Drills, Swivel Heads, Diamond Products, Wire Line Core Barrels, Conventional Core Barrels, Drill Rods & Casings, Lifting Lowering And Holding Equipment)

f)       Earth Moving (Pavement Remover, Cold Planner)

Geophysical & Geoscience Equipment

a)     Rock Soil & Geological Testing Equipment (Inclinometers, Piezometer,  Tilt meters, Vibrometers, Strain Gauge, Displacement And Settlement Gauges, Convergence Meters, Logging Instruments, Cone Penetrometers, Resistivity Meters, Magnetometers, Seismic And Borehole Radars, Ground Penetrating Radar)

b)     Rock Mechanics & Soil Engineering (Anchor Load Cells, 3D Over Coring Method, 3D Bore Hole Slotter, Hydraulic Load Cells For Piles, Plate Load Test Equipment, Shear Load Test Equipment, Double Flat Jack Test, Biaxial Test, Pressiometer Point Load Test Equipment, Slake Durability Test, Direct Shear Test Equipment, Schmidt Hammers)

c)      Geophysical Measuring Instruments (Receptivity And PH Meters, Electromagnetic And Conductivity Meters, Magnetometers, Bore Hole Radars, Interpretation Software’s, Ground Vibration Monitors, Air Blast Monitors, Scintillometers)

d)     Conductivity Meters (Resistivity Meters, Resistivity Imaging Systems, Magnetic Meters,  Susceptibility Meters, Combined Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity Meters, Magneto telluric Systems)

e)     Seismic Equipment (Seismograph, Seismic Power Sources, Seismic Marine Systems, Earthquake Detectors & Monitoring Systems)

Environmental Sciences Equipment

a)     Life Sciences Equipment (Electrolyte Analyzer, Polari meters, Salinity Meters, Air Pollution Meters, Indoor Air Monitors, Stock Gas Analyzer, Water Quality Checkers, Oil Content Analyzer, Sulphur in Oil Analyzer, Scintillation Type Radiation Survey Meter)

b)     Water Sciences Equipment (Hydrology & Oceanography Aquaria, Bacteriological Samplers, Biological Samplers, Chemical Analysis System, Conductivity, Temperature, Depth Indicators And Recorders, Counting Chambers, Current Meters, Fish And Culture Tanks, Hydrometers, Incubators, Oxygen Meters, PH Meters, Photo Meters, Plankton Net Buckets, Pollution Monitoring, And Sampling Equipment, Radiation Monitoring Devices, Thermographs, Tide And Water Level Gauges, Turbidity Meters, Water Level Recorders, Water Quality Test Kits, Weather Instruments And Sensors)

c)      Waste Water Treatment (Water Quality Monitoring System, Water Quality Checkers, Portable P/H Meters, Bench Top P/H Ion Meters, Compact P/H Meters, Compact Salt Meters, Compact Sodium Ion Meters, Compact Potassium, Ion Meters & Compact Nitric Acid Ion Meters)

d)     Environmental Protection (Respirable And Nuisance Dusts Environmental Pollution Monitoring And Control Devices, Mainly For Toxic Gasses, Hazardous Waste, , Exhaust Fumes And Radio Active / Nuclear Elements And Wastes, Vehicle Emission Test System)

Laboratory & Field Testing Equipment

a)     Environmental Testers (Heat Stress Monitor, Light meter, Sound Level Meters, Moisture Meters, Carbon Mono-Oxide Meters)

b)     Oil & Gas Field Instruments (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer, Calibrators/Digital Manometers, Hydraulic Pressure Pumps, Pneumatic Calibrator Pump)

c)      Gauges & Transmitters (Pressure Transmitter, Diaphragm Gauge, Differential Pressure Unit, Flow Gauge, Rotary Gas Meter)

d)     Laboratory Equipment (Tachometers, Laboratory Centrifuge, Vortex Shaker, Laboratory Jaw Crusher, High Temperature Muffle Furnace, Centrifuge Extractor, Slump Test Apparatus)

e)     Electrical Parameters Tester (Cable Testers, Earth Ground Testers, Cable Testers, Earth Ground Testers, Insulation Resistance Testers, Megohmmeters, Motor Test Sets, Power Quality Analyzers)

f)       Humidity & Dissolved Oxygen (Thermo hygrometers, Hygrothermographs, Barometers And Barographs, Data loggers, Turbidity Meter, Colorimeter)

g)     Weather Instruments (Weather Stations, Portable Weather Meters, Moisture Sensors, Solar Wireless Repeaters)

Educational & Scientific Equipment

Electrical Engineering

a)     Fundamental Circuits And Electric Machines (Basic Electricity Demonstration, Electrical Installation Workshop, Building Management Systems, Industrial Wiring Trainers, Workshop Trainers, Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes, Electrical Machines, Electrical Machines Kits, Function Generators)

b)     Electronics (Basic Electronics, Electronics Kits, Transducer And Sensors, Microprocessor Test Bench)

c)      Telecommunication (Basic Communications, Analog Communications, Digital Communications, Telephonic Communication, Next Generation Trainers, Global Positioning System, Modulators/ Multiplexers, DSP Trainers, Networking Technology)

d)     Energy And Protection (Energy Simulation, Energy Power Plants, Power Distribution Trainers, Alternative Energies, Photovoltaic Trainers, Smart Grid Trainers, Wind Power Generation Trainers, Relays Units, HVAC Systems)

e)      Power Electronics (Motor Drives, Drive Controllers, Converters, Inverters)

Mechanical Engineering:

a)     Mechanics And Materials (Basic Mechanics, General Mechanics, Automotive, Strength Of Materials)

b)     Fluid Mechanics & Aerodynamics (Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Flow Channels, Hydraulic Machines Pumps, Hydraulic Machines Fans, Electrohydraulic Servo Trainer, Hydraulic Machines Turbines, Aerodynamics Trainers)

c)      Thermodynamic (Refrigeration, Ice Machine Demonstrator, Heat Pumps, Heating/Cooling Towers, Air Conditioning, Heat Exchanger, Heat Transfer, Nozzles And Steam, Combustion Engine Test Benches)

d)     Mechatronics (Automation Technology, Robotics Trainers)

Civil Engineering:

a)     Material Testing (Spring Testing Apparatus, Diaphragm, Digital Strain Display, Strain Gauge Trainer, Torsion Testing, Fatigue Testing, Free Standing Structures, Soil Testing Equipment, Concrete Testing Equipment, Laboratory Mixer, Abrasion Testing Machine)

b)     Geo-Structural (Equilibrium Trainer, Suspension System, Beam & Cantilevers)

c)      Bridge Models (Lattice Bowstring Girder, Road Suspension, Stone Arch)


Process, Control & Instrumentation Engineering:

a)     Process Technology (Process Automation Training System, Hydrostatics Trainer, Reverse Osmosis, Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Distillation Trainer, Ph Process Control Trainer, Convection Drying, Flow Injection Analysis, Biotechnical Production Of Ethanol, Chemical Reactors)

b)     Control Systems (Pressure Control Trainer, Level Control Trainer, Analytic Process Loop Trainer, Calibrators, Temperature Control Demonstrator)

c)      Instrumentation (Pneumatic Instrumentation Modules, Electronic Instrumentation Modules, Pump & Valve System Trainer).

HHO Industrial Oyxgenerator

a)     We specialize in providing solutions for pollution control and fuel cost savings for power plants with our in house HHO Oxy-generator system.

b)     We offer complete line of WK series of Ultra H from LIONSTRACS Italy apart from our in house custom built HHO Oxygenerators.

Alternative Energy Solutions

c)      Solar Energy Solution (Mon crystalline/Polycrystalline Solar Panels, Mounting Stands, MPPT Charge Controller, Inverter, Tracking Mount, Solar Troughs, Energy Measuring And Data Logging System)

d)     Wind Energy Solution (Wind Turbine Blades, Wind Controller, Gear Box, AC Induction Generator, High-Speed Shaft, Low-Speed Shaft, Nacelle, Wind Turbine Rotor,          Wind Turbine Tower, Wind Vane, Yaw Drive, Yaw Motor, Yaw Breaks)

e)     Micro hydro Energy Solutions (Pelton Wheel, Impulse Turbines, Reaction Turbines, Low Head Propeller Turbine, Turbine Housing, Water Injecting Nozzles, Rotor Shaft, Rectifier, Junction Box, Alternator Base, Spearing, Pressure Gauge)

f)       Provide turnkey solutions for Power Plants on EPC basis ( Bagasse, coal, biomass, hydro, biomass)

g)     We specialize in providing solutions for pollution control and fuel cost savings for power plants with our in house HHO Oxy-generator system.

Waste Management

a)     Waste to Energy Power Plant

b)     MSW Incineration Power Plant

c)      Waste-Heat Collection System & Power Generation

d)     Waste-Gas Purification System

Agriculture & Farming Equipment

a)     Self-Propelled Machinery (Bean Harvester, Beet Harvester, Combine Harvester, Forage/Silage Harvester, Maize Harvester, Pea Harvester (Viner), Potato Harvester, Timber Forwarder)

b)     Soil Cultivation (Cultivator, Chisel Plow, Spike Harrow, Drag Harrow, Disk Harrow, Plough, Power Tiller, Rotary Tiller, Rotavator, Rototiller, Spading Machine, Subsoiler)

c)      Planting (Fertilizer Spreader, Plastic Mulch Layer, Potato Planter, Seed Drill, Air Seeder, Precision Drill, Trans planter)

d)     Fertilizing & Pest Control (Fertilizer Spreader, Terragator, Manure Spreader, Sprayer, Lime Spreader, Slurry Injector, Vacuum Tanker)

e)     Irrigation (Center Pivot Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Sprinkle Irrigation, Pump Unit, Hydroponic System)

f)       Hay Making (Bale Grabber, Bale Wrapper, Conditioner, Hay Rake, Hay Tedder, Hay Cart, Mower)

g)     Loading Machinery (Backhoe/Backhoe Loader, Front End Loader, Skid-Steer Loader)

h)     Milking Machine, Poultry Incubators And Brooders, Horticulture & Fish Farming Accessories

Space Saving Parking Solutions

e)     Rail Parking System (Two Rail, Four Rail, Multi-Rail, Puzzle)

f)       Access Parking (Dependent, Independent)

g)     Mechanical  & Automated Underground Parking System

Technical Advisory Services

                Preeminent Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. not only adheres to the cost-effective sales of advanced technological products but also provides technical advisory services to its respected clients. The technical experts of our company provides significant suggestions to the clients about the precise purchase of required item which guarantees a sound and dynamic working relationship with our clients.

We at Preeminent Technologies offer consultancy services in the following areas:

·         Environmental Management

·         Waste Disposal Management

·         Pollution Monitoring and Control

·         Ground Water Surveys

·         Engineering Geology

·         Water Resource Management

·         Bio-Technology

·         Drilling & Mining

·         Tunneling

·         Construction & Monitoring Underground Structures

·         Specialized Civil & Underground Works

·         Geophysical Equipment

·         Geological Equipment

·         Environmental Equipment

·         Testing Equipment

·         Laboratory Equipment

·         Educational Equipment

Workshop Arrangement

       Preeminent Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. not only cares for the sales of equipment, it also provides after-sales services to its valued clients. The company ensures its aftersales services by working closely with many workshops in order to accommodate the after-sales requirements of its clients. Company is availing the services of the following repair shops for sophisticated electronic equipment:

·         Arden Engineering & Automation (Pvt) Ltd.

11- Canal Park, Gulberg II, Lahore – 54660, Pakistan

·         Universal Foundry & WorkshopMain Bund Road, Near Govt. Mian Munshi Trust Hospital, Lahore .Pakistan 
















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